Dramatic, full and Boujee Af, these mink lashes are named after Cece's’ little sister Saraí. Shop these full, long, dramatic and beautiful af lashes today! 


1. Trim lashes as needed to fit your eye shape at an angle from the inside corner.
2. Apply a small amount of adhesive along the cotton lash band, adding extra glue to each end. Let adhesive rest for 20-30 seconds or until tacky before applying directly to your lash line, starting with the outer corners.
3. To remove: Gently peel away lashes from the inner corner of each eye. Use an oil-based makeup remover to remove any excess adhesive remaining on your lash line so the eyelash can be reused.

*All Prados Beauty Lashes are cruelty free as we responsibly and ethically source our mink hair. Our minks are from a cage free, harm free environment.