About Prados


Our mission is to create an inclusive and uplifting beauty brand that inspires people through the lens of Indigenous communities throughout Turtle Island.





As a Xicana/Indigenous woman, I grew up being part of two cultures and saw so much beauty in both of them. You see that blending of cultures in the inclusivity of our brand, our community and our products. I could be defined as Xicana, Indigenous, a mother or as a military wife. But I choose not to be - I choose to be all of these things and so much more.

I choose to be a pillar in my community. I choose to be the healing for my family and my people. I choose to pave the way for all those little boys and girls, who like me, grew up feeling and thinking that we would never amount to much. I take so much pride in my heritage, my connection to the land, my family and my community. It is their resilience that inspires me and I not only carry them with me but you’ll see them in everything we do here at Prados. From our vibrant colors to our growing product line (some of which are named after my children), you’ll see my gente and my cultura in everything Prados does.

At Prados, we are building a community of dreamers and misfits who choose to follow their own path in life. We encourage our youth and our supporters to push the boundaries of conventional thinking.

We’d love for you to join us.