The Prados Promise

The Prados Promise is our commitment to the community we live in and love. It's more than just a giveback. The Promise is our commitment to put our money, time and mentorship back into Indigenous communities across Turtle Island. We do this by:
    Donating a portion of all proceeds back to charities and causes that support Indigenous communities

    Volunteering in our local Indigenous community

    Promoting Indigenous brands and entrepreneurs across our social media channels and website

      Currently the we've organizing two fundraising initiatives

        Bringing PPE to Native American Reservations: Our World Changing-partners have helped us raise more that $20,000 to help bring much need PPE supplies to remote communities that are really suffering under the strain of COVID.
        Getting Kids Shoes for Back to School: We've provided over 250 pairs of new shoes to kids who aren't able to get the shoes they need to start the school year off right.